ISLAMABAD- Federal Minister for Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafique, welcomed Imran Khan to bring his issues to the parliament while talking to the media on Wednesday.

Terming long march as ‘Fasaadi March’, he asked PTI Chairman to cancel his plan and wait till the operation against militants comes to an end. He further emphasized that Imran must not make Independence Day controversial by dividing the nation. If he wants to, he may choose another day for the duel, he added.

Railway Minister pronounced that the government has no intention to stop anyone by force. He further remarked that Imran is enraged over not becoming the Prime Minister and is therefore taking it out by protesting, that too after a year.

Rafique advised Khan that this is the time to sympathize with the affectees of North Waziristan rather than pouring salt on their wounds, reiterating that the government has no intention to gather crowd in Islamabad on August 14