Pakistan has earned the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) status in EU after much hard work. It will now be reaping its benefits for the next 10 years. But in order to keep this ‘GSP plus’ status Pakistan will have to ensure enforcements of all EU requirements. Thus the Government is planning to set up Treaty Implementation Cells (Tics) in all provinces to put in place a series of laws that will seek to protect minorities, women, children and laborers.

The Prime Minister has ordered the provinces to set up TICs and ensure implementations of these laws. A committee headed by PM’s special Assistant Khawaja Zaheer Ahmed is also to be set up to ensure the function of TICs. Thirty major laws have been put in place by respective federal and provincial governments, over the past few years, to meet international standards on human rights. Another 14 laws or amendments would have to be made before October this year so as to continue with the GSP plus status. This is essential law making and will not only assure our EU partners but will also benefit Pakistan and our trade interests. We hope that Pakistan continues to forge ahead with this decisive planning and all our exporters make sure that they meet the legal requirements.


Lahore, July 21.