KARACHI- Families are thronging the markets and shopping centers to buy clothes and accessories for Eid, sky-rocketing the sales of different items.

Ramazan is the one-off month in a whole year in which people buy variety of consumer products in a quantity which is not seen in other months, ranging from lentils, grams to clothes and other desired things. Shopping centers and roads get jammed especially after Iftar till late evening.  Last three days are considered to be the most crowded as girls, women and kids go for shopping and it seems compulsory for the group of boys to visit the markets even it is a window shopping.

Ramazan brings happiness to rich and poor alike in Muslim world as it is followed by the biggest festival of Muslims and that is Eid-ul-Fitr. People give Zakat and charity in a large extent to needy people, food is openly served at Iftar in mosques and roads, working hours are shortened and praying hours are lengthened and women and children become enthusiastic to quash their thirst for shopping.

On the other hand, people also spend more money in charity in this month as religious giving increases. According to the latest available research report2000 of the Pakistan Center of Philanthropy, philanthropists, especially religious entities, gave 65pc to individuals and 35pc to organizations. This 35pc also includes deductions of Zakat from the saving accounts as per the Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 1980.