LAHORE - Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri Tuesday said that Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has become dead horse.

Addressing All Pakistan Youth and Student Conference at PAT headquarters, Dr Qadri said that more than 600 innocent Palestinians including women and children had been killed by the Israeli bombing and apathy of international community was condemnable. He said Muslim Umma needed an honest and deliberate leadership on this juncture who could unite the Muslim world against the tyranny of Israel. He said after revolution Pakistan would lead the third world countries.

Dr Qadri said that corrupt bureaucracy and police officials would be dismissed and able youth would replace them. He said the youth would be the frontline soldiers of his revolution. He said the social agreement between rulers and the masses had been broken because the rulers had violated the Article 5 of the Constitution. He said the masses would kick out the rulers from power.

Dr Qadri said students could become a great power if they get united and they could play rule in eliminating terrorism and corruption from the country. He said unfortunately Muslim world had no leader who could pull it out of prevailing crises. The PAT chief said there was no democracy in Pakistan as the rulers thought that only elections were the democracy. He said elections were the toll to form the government. He said after revolution, they would come up with a system which would be based on social justice.

On the occasion, the participating youth organization passed a joint communiqué which strongly condemned the Israeli attacks on Gaza and demanded of the Pakistan government to play its due role for stoppage of bombing. The joint communique also demanded resignations of federal and Punjab governments as these failed to register even an FIR at the Model Town tragedy.