It’s been almost four weeks since the operation Zarb-e Azab started and a million people have been displaced. These people are now living in different camps in KPK and other provinces. They need to be treated better; philanthropist organizations are working but not as well as they did on other occasions when Pakistan faced disasters. Many people do not agree with what is happening. But we must realize that these IDPs are collateral damage and did not choose to relocate! Media wants news that sells and at the moment the hot topics are Israel, Qadri and Imran Khan’s long march on August 14th. But what we are all forgetting is that we need to take care of these people as they are a part of our country. If we do not we may be giving birth to another large group of criminals. The government is treating them like dismal lost cases and much of the financial help may be pocketed, there is dire need for transparency! The IDPs point of view should also be projected; there should be a representative from every media house at the check points to find out the truth of what is really happing.

Our Prime Minister has decided to take a trip to Saudi Arabia to perform a non- essential religious activity, while people of his country suffer. I wish the Sharifs’ knew something about religion. Their first duty is to Pakistan and its people while they are in a state of war as the government machinery keeps reminding us all. In all the talk shows on private TV channels the PML-N govt. representatives keep beating the drum of democracy and need to concentrate on operation Zarb-e Azab, then the PM should also be present in the country.


Lahore, July 21.