The bus stands in the city lack basic facilities like drinking water, toilets, seating arrangements and sheds, causing immense difficulties for the passengers.

The C-class general bus stand at Kola has no water cooler, public toilets or seating arrangements while the stand is littered with garbage spreading all around the area. All bus lanes are broken and unhygienic food is being sold at hotels at the stand. The condition of D-class bus stands at Dunyapur terminals is also worse. The stand has some toilets but they are dirty and broken.

The passengers have to buy drinking water at all general bus stands due lack of potable water facility. The shopkeepers at bus stands are selling all kinds of things at inflated rates while hotels serving unhygienic food at higher rates. Almost all kinds of animals like dogs and cats are seen wandering freely at bus stand areas and even in the hotels.

Nasir Qureshi, a passenger at Kola terminal, said that there was a bad smell spreading everywhere how they could wait for such a long time for a vehicle. The fares are increasing day-by-day, but there is no facility at bus stands. The authorities concerned should take action against the owners and ensure facilities for the passengers at these stands, he demanded.