LAHORE - Due to recent rains and floods in Punjab, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is returning home cutting short his visit to London where he flew on July 17 for his medical checkup.

The chief minister had to undergo test about his health state which he left to immediately fly back to the country to handle the situation arising out of floods and rains in different parts of the province.

On return, the chief minister due to visit the flood-hit areas of South Punjab and review relief activity.

Flood affectees won’t be left alone: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that provincial government has started relief activities in flood affected villages of South Punjab on war footing and no effort will be spared for relief and rehabilitation of the affectees.

Issuing directives to Provincial Cabinet Committee on Flood from London, the chief minister said that the flood affectees would not be left alone in this moment of trial. He said he is personally supervising the process of provision of relief.

Shahbaz Sharif directed the authorities concerned that relief activities should be accelerated in the flood affected areas of South Punjab and all out help should be provided to the flood-hit people in the relief camps.

He said that food and other requirements of the affected people should be fulfilled. He said that fodders should also be arranged for the cattle of affected persons. He said that no effort should be spared in the provision of relief to the flood affectees.

Shahbaz Sharif directed that Cabinet Committee on Flood should visit the flood-hit villages to monitor relief activities while the concerned administration and institutions of the affected districts should perform their duties in an efficient manner.

He said that flow of water in the rivers should be monitored round the clock and all possible protective measures should be taken for coping with any situation. The chief minister further said that provision of relief to the flood affectees is the top priority and elected representatives, provincial administration and concerned institutions have been made active.

The chief minister said that elected representatives and administrative officers should work day and night for serving the affected people and providing them relief.

He said that no negligence or laxity would be tolerated in relief activities and elected representatives and administrative officers and staff working round the clock for providing relief to the flood-hit people would be encouraged while those showing negligence would be held accountable.

SHAHBAZ for preventing dengue: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed the department concerned to take possible steps to prevent the outbreak of dengue in the province.

Speaking from London, the chief minister said that all relevant institutions must be geared up to meet the eventuality of dengue and that no lethargy and negligence would be accepted in this regard.

He asked the departments to work with the same efficiently which they exhibited in the previous years to control eruption of dengue. He said that immediate drainage of accumulated water due to recent rains should be ensured so that dengue mosquito could not breed.

Also, Shahbaz Sharif took notice of a news regarding death of some (fourteen) newly born babies during last six days in Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur and sought a report from Secretary Health.

The chief minister ordered that an inquiry should be held to determine the cause of death of the babies and in case of negligence, action should be taken against the concerned persons.