The citizens of Khangarh have been suffering adversely due to frequent power tripping and very low voltage as tripping occurs about 14/15 times at city feeder in a day.

Customers receive 170 volts from 132 kv grid station Khangarh which is hardly 1/2 km away from city. The electrical appliances are being burnt due to low voltage. Forced loadshedding is being carried. The citizens expressed displeasure upon the poor performance of Mepco operation staff and S&T officers and requested the authorities to set right the system on a war footing as consumers pay heavy bills.

Moreover Consumers of Mepco Khangarh sub division are also suffering badly due to non-availability of meters by Mepco SDO Khangarh. Neither RCO nor MCO meters are available in Mepco office. High number of meters were burnt during recent rains thus the consumers living without electricity. Mepco authorities stopped feeding ERO’s to show the decreased arrear to their minister and stopped correction of bills, the local consumers alleged.

They said Mepco authorities have crushed the consumers through each corner and failed in rectification of public complaints. The Mepco CEO showed his self-fabricated good figures to Minister Abid Sher Ali during his monthly visit to Multan and hid what they are actually doing with consumers.

SDO Khangarh often remains absent from office, comes to office at 12 PM if he wants otherwise he remains slept in a quarter nearby the office as per his wish, they said.

In Bahawalnagar, thousands of villagers staged a protest demonstration against Wapda and pelted a police contingent with stones while the Donga Bonga Police resorted to tear-gas to disperse the mob.

About 2,000 denizens of Chak Gulab Ali, Hari Rampura, Sondha , Donga Bonga ,Chak Aziz Din staged protest demonstration against Wapda and MNA Alam Dad Laleka at Chak 3R Bridge in the limits of Donga Bonga police. According to the demonstrators, representatives Haroon Bhatti Wapda office extended the electricity connection of about 40 villages on Gulab Ali feeder, due to which people of the area were badly affected and facing the issue of low voltage.

Their electric appliances are badly affected and they could not use fodder chopper, refrigerator etc. The protesters also chanted slogans and threw traffic out of gear. They even intercepted the motorists. They pelted police vehicle with stones. The police resorted shelling and dispersed the demonstrators. No loss was reported. Later, negotiation was held between their representatives and acting XEN Nasir Fani. The Wapda officer redressed their grievances and shifted the newly added connection to Haroonabad city feeder.