Winston Churchill made a prediction in 1900 that given freedom the subcontinent would be ruled by thugs, dacoits, defaulters, murderers and criminals; a time will come  when the despotic corrupt rulers will even tax ‘air’ the common man breaths; or words to the effect. This morning I was delivered a bludgeon when my chauffeur asked me for a very large amount to pay for my annual car token. I called a friend in the Government revenue department to re-check. He said he was equally shocked that the token tax had been increased by 100%. There have been protests over the 6% tax deduction, for withdrawals over Rs. 50,000.

Dar had to cave in to NS’s voter constituency but this horrendous increase in vehicle token has caused no ruckus. Since every single item of daily use, besides being heavily doctored, with unchecked impurities, including manure in spices, is also being indirectly taxed, when is Dar going to tax the air, since all other predictions of Churchill have proven correct, so one can migrate to a jungle, out of reach of ruling reprobates.


Islamabad, July 13.