As Pakistan has such a small ration of educated people, and most of those also do not watch any English channels, our cable operators are not pushed to show anything worthwhile. Most of these channels have been bought by Indian celebrates as a good investment. India has a thriving movie industry and so they may not be interested in buying better and new movies to air on these channels, but still, hard to believe that I have to watch old re-runs of movies that I saw in my youth and then they are shown continuously for three to four months. The same movie again and again!

I wish there was something we could do, but then this is not a priority for people who have a family life, for an aged person like me, forced to sit at home all evening with the TV as my only companion, I miss the chance to have something worthwhile to watch. Same goes for Star World which gives us English soap, some are just not worth watching. I sure can understand that beggars cannot be choosers, but I pay a monthly fee for this, which does not make me a beggar!


Lahore, July 21.