A number of people including women and children staged a protest demonstration near Kotli Bawa Faqeer Chand, Pasrur over the government’s failure to repair Daska-Pasrur Road for years.

The protesting people staged a sit-in there to lodge their strong protest. They were chanting anti-government slogans. They demanded of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to ensure early construction of the main road for providing better communication facilities.

The protesters said that 28km Daska-Pasrur Road has become dilapidated with three to four feet deep ditches almost everywhere on this main road from Daska to Pasrur due to the alleged slackness of the local elected public representatives in Daska and Pasrur tehsils.

They added that it was the only main road providing communication facilities for more than 200,000 people of 200 villages of these tehsils. The people intending to go Daska, Pasrur, Chawinda, Qila Kalarwala, Zafarwal and Narowal have been facing great difficulties no vehicle even the donkey carts were able to pass through these ditches safely. It often presents a look of pond with the drainage and rainwater and no one can pass by foot through this road safely.

Meanwhile, Markazi Anjuman Tajraan Daska President Mian Ashraf, former MLA-AJK Ch Maqbool Ahmed Gujar, form UC nazim Maqsud Dogar and notables Adnan Gujar, Hameedullah Khan, Noman Rasheed, Ashraf and Imran Ahmed strongly protested against the situation.

Talking to the newsmen, they said that hundreds of thousands people frequently travel through this dilapidated and shabby road while hundreds of farmers bring their agricultural produce in local markets at Daska and Pasrur.

They pointed out that the road had been constructed 22 years ago, since then it had never been repaired or constructed due to which it has three to four inches ditches almost everywhere on it. The travelling of minutes is done in hours due to very slow paced movement of vehicles on this road. They said that dozens of main dacoity and robbery incidents have been occurred on the road.

They said that PML-N MNA Zahid Hamid, MNA Sahibzada Syed Iftikharul Hassan Shah and MPAs Mohsin Ashraf Baryar, Rana Liaqat Ali and Asif Bajwa (Daska) had made several political promises regarding the early construction of the main road before the 2008 general elections. But, after winning the polls, they did not honour their political promises regarding the reconstruction of Daska-Pasrur Road, they regretted.

The people demanded serious notice of the critical situation and early re-construction of the road in the larger interest of the local people.

Likewise, hundreds of people from Daska tehsil’s Kandan Sayyan, Mitraanwali and surrounding villages also staged a protest demonstration against the district administration for its alleged height of negligence for not repairing the local main Kandan Sayyan-Mitraanwali Road, in Daska tehsil. The protesting people were carrying banners and placards and chanting anti-government slogans, demanding immediate repairing of this “ill-fated” road.

Talking to newsmen at Daska here, the local notables said that the road had not yet been reconstructed for the last one decade. This road connects the dozens of the surrounding villages. They said that due to its miserable condition, the road was presenting a look of the ponds there with several feet deep ditches on the road there. They revealed that the people had been suffering great ordeal while passing through this “ill-fated” road.