WASHINGTON - Dr Adul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb, says that the recent nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers has helped Iranian leaders.

Iran may have averted disaster in the form of an internal coup or external attack thanks to a nuclear deal that was reached with world powers, AQ Khan, who was himself accused of supplying nuclear technology to Iran and North Korea, told Fox News.

The Pakistani scientist told the news site in an email that the Iranian leadership “very wisely and pragmatically saved their country from a very bad situation - call it a disaster, if you like.”

Had Iran not agreed to the deal, "ongoing chaos would have left the field open to a military coup sponsored by the West, just as has happened in Egypt," Khan said.

Fox News noted that Khan made no reference to the accusations of his own involvement in supplying Iran with uranium enrichment technology.

"The 5,000 plus IR-1 centrifuges, which Iran is being allowed to keep in operation, are copies of Pakistan’s own P-1 centrifuge type," Simon Henderson, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told the news site.

As a scientist, a metallurgist, and strong willed bureaucrat, Khan remains a popular figure in Pakistan, Fox News said.

Pakistan first demonstrated its successful nuclear detonation in Chagai in May 1998 under Khan’s supervision. The move was in response to India's nuclear tests.