LAHORE: The Bahrain authorities have asked the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to pay its outstanding amount worth 71,000 riyals within 30 days otherwise they may not allow it’s over flying activity there.

In a letter to PIA, Bahrain’s ministry of transportation and telecommunication said it had finalised the accounts (in June 2015) of all outstanding amount of PIA since 2010 which is 71,000 riyals.

“We request you to settle the outstanding amount within 30 days failing to do so we will have no other alternative but to stop the overflying activity of PIA to seek payment of the outstanding balance,” it warned.

 Earlier, the Paris airport authority had imposed 40,000 euros fine on PIA for violating curfew hours at its airport.

PIA spokesman Aamir Memon told that Bahrain had worked out the amount in connection with parking, overflying and landing charges since 2010.

“The bill has been forwarded to the fuel department for reconciliation of the accounts. We will pay the amount once the department concerned approves it,” he said, adding such outstanding amounts with foreign airlines were ongoing financial matters.