ISLAMABAD - The long-anticipated second meeting of the Prime Minister’s inquiry committee to look into the debacle of Pakistan hockey team, who failed miserably in the Olympics 2016 qualifying round at Belgium, which was earlier set for today (Thursday), is cancelled and rescheduled for July 28.

As per expectations, the entire exercise is just waste of time and meager eye-wash as the committee was established to give time to incompetent federation officials. The committee was formed with the basic aim to identify responsible and recommend action against the culprits and was given one-week time to submit its report, but after almost a month, the committee failed miserably to even prepare report, submitting report is a far cry.

It was time and again mentioned in a section of press that the probe committee had submitted the report to the PM, which was later denied by IPC secretary Ejaz Chaudhry. It was hoped that after arrival of PM from Saudi Arabia, the committee would submit their detailed report to the PM and sufferings of masses and players would be finally over, but as per inside reports, the probe committee just bought time for the incompetent federation officials, who are solely responsible for piling agony and pain on masses and destroying the national game. They just remained busy in enjoying joy rides, begging for funds and were never serious in improving the living standard of the players. They never bother to make any plan regarding improving the fast declining fortunes of hockey.

It is high time when prime minister Nawaz Sharif, without wasting any further time and waiting for so-called probe committee report, should show the door to the PHF officials and immediately appoint persons who have know how of hockey and are sincere with the national game.

The inside sources in Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) on condition of anonymity have confirmed to this scribe that scheduled meeting was cancelled on the request of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) as they had set same date for their own fact-finding committee. What a joke with the nation, as the people responsible for the entire saga would conduct inquiry against themselves. The inside sources revealed that the PHF inquiry committee in their report had passed on the entire blame on the shoulders of players rather than accepting their fault and tendering resignations. Only the PM’s timely action can save Pakistan hockey from further downslide.

Talking to The Nation, Olympian Naveed Alam termed cancellation of the IPC probe committee meeting as highly unfortunate and said Olympians had devise their strategy. The entire pro-hockey lover Olympians are with us with only exception of a few, who are on federations’ pay role.”

He expected that the prime minister would take decision in the best interest of the hockey and the country and would show the door to the corrupt, incompetent and illegal present PHF management. “We have met with different chamber representatives and corporate sector’s big wigs who are more than willing to bail out hockey with only one demand neat and clean people must be onboard. I request the PM to take immediate action rather than giving them more time, as any further delay can spell further misery and disaster for hockey.”

“Pakistan hockey is paying heavy price of former sports minister Najamuddin's wrong decision of sacking the elected representatives of the PHF and appointing ad-hoc secretary, which was never heard or witnessed in Pakistan history or anywhere in the world. Pakistan hockey is still paying for that unwise and unjust decision but I hope the current officials will be shown the door during next few days and competent persons would take the helm of affairs of the federation, Naveed Alam concluded.