In Pakistan, no one can ever get bored when entertainment programs on the behest of establishment continue on 24/7 basis – latest is the registration of FIRs (First Information Report which becomes basis of a police case) in treason case against MQM’s Altaf Hussain for his July 12 speech, wherein he has allegedly insulted an army general. To date, more than 100 FIRs have already been registered; apparently there is a race among police stations to register the highest numbers of FIRs. But one wonders when Hussain’s July 12 speech was neither telecasted on TV channels, nor detailed in the print media, even not available on Pakistan’s vibrant social media, how come people in small cities and towns in far-flung parts of the country are upset that registration of FIR in treason case is the only way for them?

Please note as per constitution, only the central government can register a treason case; due to its political sensitivities it doesn’t fall under the general public domain. Despite extensive search, I was unable to listen or read Hussain’ speech text, therefore I can’t comment much on the FIRs authenticity. However, I wonder where all these people were when Jamat-e-Islami’ Ameer was declaring military martyrs (while fighting against Taliban in country’ north) as ‘mere dead people’; when Lal Masjid chief was issuing fatwa(s) (religious edict) that namaz-e-janaza (congregational prayer for the dead) of the military martyrs is forbidden.

Our sitting defense minister, Khawaja Asif was directly blaming a sitting intelligence chief of waging a conspiracy to topple the central government. Why no FIRs were registered against these people directly hitting the military establishment? What is new in this statement that more than 100 FIR’s were registered? Or is this another political game being played at our expense?


Saudi Arab, July 16.