ISLAMABAD - Ministry of Water and Power on Wednesday said that rehabilitation of electricity installations is progressing fast in the flood affected areas of Chitral and lines on more than 600 poles have been checked and rehabilitated so far.

According to a press release, the supply to Darosh grid station (which covers one third of Chitral) has been restored temporarily on emergent basis.

In the restored areas, the PESCO management has been asked to observe zero loadshedding to facilitate rescue and relief operations, however, the handout said, material for damages on 35 locations of Jutilasht line is under shifting which is facing difficulties due to washed away roads & bridges.

General Manager GSO of PESCO Niaz Mohammad along with his team directed to camp in the district Chitral to restore supplies as soon as possible.

District Chitral is fed by two 33KV grids. Darosh Grid & Jutilasht (Main Chitral) Grid with 967 poles. Both were affected by floods. Areas affected are those fed from Jutilasht grid and include: Chitral main city, Jutilasht, Chumar kund, Orghuch, Baghrabad, Joghor, Dinin etc.

Some 6000 connections are affected. However these will be fed from Chitral Hydel (1MW) on 1 hour after 4 hour basis in different areas. Close coordination is established between Ministry of Water and Power and PESCO.