Islamabad - Millennium Chinese Language Department (MCLD) participated in a 10-day Beijing International Students Summer Camp organised by the Embassy of Peoples republic of China in Islamabad.

Almost 1,000 students from 24 different countries across the globe hosted by Beijing International Education Exchange organised by Madame Bao, Chief of the Women Wing and wife of the Chinese ambassador in Islamabad.

RMS F-10/2 Principal Erum Atif represented RMS as the head of the delegation. Pakistani Students made the opening speech and young Millennial from Roots Millennium Schools accepted the flag of Pakistan at the opening ceremony.

The students attended language and cultural activity classes, visited significant historical places, climbed the Great Wall, tasted roasted duck, enjoyed Chinese tea and visited famous art and science museums. This was a colourful and learning experience to understand and see the rich Chinese culture. Young Millennials interacted with students across the globe, made Chinese friends and had a memorable experience by having a people to people contact thereby strengthening the bond between Pakistan and China. Roots Millennium Schools have been involved in the promotion of Mandarin via its Chinese language programme across Pakistan.

The Chinese language initiative founded by Chief Executive RMS Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq (TI) is the first of its kind since it includes Chinese language classes in the core school curriculum. An impressive number of students (5,500 and above) are now enrolled.

in the CRI-Roots Confucius Classroom and learning Mandarin from Grade 1 till 7 by a team of trained Chinese teachers through the support of China Radio International.

CEO RMS Chaudhry Faisal has been the champion of this change by embracing the programme in its entirety.

His enthusiasm for and commitment to the programme is infectious - students and teachers alike have embraced the concept and there is no shortage of international visits, summer camps, events, open days and symposiums.

Participation in the Beijing International Education Exchange is a rare and impressive opportunity for institutions to display their mettle and show their commitment to the cause.