KHYBER AGENCY - The Afghanistan bound truckers staged a protest demonstration against allegedly extortion by the Khasadar force here at Khyber Sultan Khel area on main Pak-Afghan road of tehsil Landi Kotal of Khyber Agency, Khasadar and local sources informed on Wednesday.

Dozens of transporters who had blocked the highway by parking their long wheels loaded vehicles on the road and were chanting full-throat slogans against on-duty Khasadar personnel. They accused the political administration for setting up scores of self-made check posts on the Pak-Afghan road to collect illegal money from the drivers. The local tribesmen also joined the transporters in their protest and they condemned the Khasadar troops for fleecing the poor drivers with their both hands.

The transporters leader, Shakir Afridi while commenting on the issue said that unlawful checkpoints have been established by the Khasadar at Zayarai, Chengai, Satara mail and Chawarzgai areas to receive illicit money from the truckers. On refusing to pay the Khasadar persons thrash the drivers and don’t let them cross the check posts, he remarked. He further said that last month governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa issued strict directions to prohibit taking illegal money from the transporters, however, shortly the Khasadar ignored the orders and resumed their mal-practice, he argued.

The transport community said that the political agent, Khyber and assistant political agent, Landi Kotal have been apprised of their miseries but ironically no measure has been adopted to address their problem. They warned that if injustice were continued to them they would have no other option but to initiate indefinite agitation.

The road was suspended that multiplied problems of passengers, which was resumed of an hour after assurance of the Khasadar officials.