When Pakistan was come into being, each Muslim country has celebrated tit because the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was the only country which came into being in the name of Islam. Sadly, Quaid-e-Azam the founder of Pakistan could not survive and Pakistan faced hardship due to bad leaders. Now, after 49 years a person has stood up for a better Pakistan and initiated a platform in the shape of political party and named it as PTI and that person is Imran khan

He was one of the most successful Pakistan cricket captains who won the World Cup in 1992 and introduced a cancer hospital which is included in world class hospitals from his income. Later on introduced NUML University Mianwali for the better education of the youth of Pakistan and did a lot of social work when he introduced PTI. Then no one supported him but he continued struggle for 17 years from 1996 to 2013.

But still majority of people says Imran khan isn’t loyal and joined politics only for his interest to earn money, but they may have forgotten the past of Imran Khan. He suffered his whole life for people of Pakistan. He had enough money to spend his life luxuriously in abroad but he came back. In 2013 election his party won in KPK province and since 2013 to 2016 KPK has changed. KPK is number one with respect to education in Pakistan and KPK also paid more tax than other province.

Quaid-e-Azam and Imran Khan are leaders born every thousands of years. He spend his whole life for the betterment of Pakistan but Pakistani people always give him a bitter response. It is time to open your eyes and differentiate who is wrong and who is right. Its time to change the history, so stand up champions!


Hyderabad, June 18.