The Lahore Police has failed the residents and parents of Badami Bagh area, as five children have been kidnapped since June and investigators are unable to trace the whereabouts of the missing children. The parents and families decided to lodge a protest and blocked the main road by setting tyres on fire and chanted slogans against the city police and the provincial government, after one of the victims was found sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in the locality. It is absolutely disgraceful that the police had to find a body before taking the case of so many abductions in a particular area seriously.

Capital City police officer Muhammad Amin Wains instead blamed parents and schoolteachers, for not fulfilling their responsibilities, insisting that children leave their homes due to the treatment and negligence they receive. Even if that holds truth, it is a callous dismissal of the gravity of the situation where kidnapping cases are on the rise in the city and no important arrests were made yet in connection with the child abduction and murder cases reported.

Considering that Lahore has received more than its fair share of resources and attention in terms of maintaining law and order, with a staggering 44 Billion Rupees allocated for the Safe City project and Rs1,192 million for the Dolphin Force project, it is hoped that the police will do a better job of protecting the residents of the city. The aggrieved protesters from the area alleged that the police did not take the abductions seriously because of their low-income status. The law should be equal for rich and poor alike but when such incidents are witnessed one can’t help but wonder if the safety and protection of all residents stand equal in the city? Many would beg to differ.