Antibiotics are one of the greatest medical inventions of our time. They have been able to save more than a million lives over the years. 

Antibiotics are so common today and are a part of every household. They are being used in excess and more so in cases of a cold or flu. But there are too many misconceptions regarding them. People need to be more careful. Antibiotics are used kill bacteria, while a cold is mostly caused by viruses. Hence you need to find the right medicine. Another problem is that people use antibiotics prescribed to someone else. Without the help of a doctor and some tests, you cannot be diagnosed with the right disease. Two different diseases can have the same symptoms, which an average man is not likely to figure out. 

Another common mistake is that, people stop using antibiotics when they start feeling better. This is not always the case. You may feel better but might still be infected. Hence taking the complete course of antibiotics is necessary. The process takes time and only the right amount can kill all the bacteria present in a patient. 


Karachi, July 1.