One thing is for sure, the PMLN government has done a good job with the development of infrastructure in the country. They have built a number of roads and are launching projects for the construction of dams. 

However they have failed to address the issue of the Kalabagh Dam (KBD), which was an important point of PMLN’s election manifesto. The opinion of engineers and technological experts is that the dam is extremely practical for the country. But it has been made controversial by politicians for their petty gains. They induced fear amongst people of smaller provinces. 

One would hope and pray that the government would take up this issue, as preservation of water is needed for many reasons – the production of electricity, irrigation of land and for drinking purposes. Hence I pray that there is a member of the parliament, who puts his country’s interest above his own. Someone who will raise his voice for this noble cause for future generations. 


Islamabad, July 5.