It’s often said that social media has become popular amongst the youth, as the internet is easily accessible. No doubt it’s true. But people mostly use social media to take ‘selfies’. A large number of people are only interested in uploading their selfies and stalking others. The selfie trend has made social media, much more popular with all ages.

Selfies are mostly taken by young people, who want to show off their activities with others. It also presents a kind of inferiority complex. They want appreciative comments below their pictures. This type of attitude also promotes the usage of social media.

They tend to update pictures as soon as they take it. As a whole the selfie trend has made it easier to cherish, the rarest moments of life in a few seconds. As no longer people do not visit each other, by social media they will know what’s happening in the other’s life. Social media helps in bringing them close. Hence it’s a benefit.


Lahore, July 1.