LAHORE-Fatema set aside allegations raised by her husband Mohsin Abbas during his press conference here on Sunday.

She claimed that Mohsin bluffed in front of the media in his bid to distort the facts and his allegations were completely eyewash.

Fatima said that she went to his house this month but he hit her again.

Speaking to a local channel, she remarked that, “People are not blind, they can see that these bruises on my body were not the consequence of falling from the stairs.”

During the press conference, Mohsin said that the photos shared by his wife were captured when she had fallen down from stairs in 2018.

Mohsin denied that he physically abused his wife Fatema Sohail and challenged her to prove the allegations with evidence.

Reacting to Fatema’s claims that she was “pulled,” “kicked,” and “punched” by him (Mohsin Abbas) during her pregnancy, the actor rejected all the accusations, stating: ”Whatever she (Fatema Sohail) said, is not true, adding that he never touched her. “Mohsin went on saying that Fatima Sohail was “trying to play the woman card”. However, he accepted: “It is true that I have had anger issues in the past but I’m a changed man.”

“A few months after the wedding, we both had realised that this marriage should not have happened”, said the actor.

“I’m not holding anything against her, she’s a disturbed lady, and the only way forward is divorce,” he further added.

Moreover, he explained that once he decided to divorce his wife but was unable to do so except to get a separation. When he knew that their son was born, he decided not to divorce but instead he went into separation.

When asked about his cross remark on Fatema’s post on facebook, he said that Fatema got his facebook password and somebody was trying to hack his instagram. Presently he was having no access to his social media accounts.