With the ten-year anniversary of the Sri Lankan cricket team attack in Lahore having just passed us in March, it is positive to see the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) looking to invite Sri Lanka over for a Test series provided that the latter’s security appraisal team finds the arrangements in Pakistan to be acceptable.

The last time the Sri Lankan team visited Pakistan for a Test series, their bus was attacked in broad daylight in Lahore, the provincial capital. A lot has changed since then, the armed forces of Pakistan have taken the fight to the terrorists and pushed them back a great deal. However, PCB must ensure that fool-proof security arrangements are set up for any visiting team, another repeat incident will be disastrous for the future of cricket series in Pakistan.

But of course, even holding a test series with Sri Lanka will only lead us one step closer to the ultimate aim of going back to the days of Pakistan hosting all of its series at home, but this is an important step that must be taken nonetheless. Pakistan has had an easier time convincing countries like Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka to play in Pakistan; there is still a way to go before the big three – England, Australia and India – and countries such as South Africa and New Zealand make their way over here as well.

Hosting a number of successful series against lower-ranked countries will obviously help us towards that goal, but only if the PCB can manage to engage sides to visit Pakistan with more regularity. Apart from treating the passionate and committed fans of the Pakistan cricket team to something they have been craving to see for a decade, regular series in Pakistan will also help greatly improve Pakistan’s youth-filled cricket team.