The recent meeting between Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and US President Donald Trump is widely considered a diplomatic breakthrough for the Kashmir issue. This is due to the reason that the US President has offered to act as a mediator between both countries and help solve the long standing issue of Kashmir.

Due to to this development, the Kashmiri diaspora leaders and Executive Members of Organisation of Kashmir Coalition (OKC), Prof Nazir Ahmed Shawl and Barrister A Majid Tramboo have hailed President Donald Trump’s offer in resolving Kashmir conflict.

Earlier, at a press briefing in the Oval Office of the White House, the US President was very categorical to solve Kashmir and stated that the Indian Prime Minister Modi raised the Kashmir mediation issue with him just two weeks back. US President stated that he is happy to“mediate or arbitrate”.

President Trump described Kashmir “a beautiful place but with bombs everywhere”.

While commenting on this issue, Prof Shawl and Barrister Tramboo stated, that the President has been properly briefed about the current situation of Kashmir and it is safe to assume, in particular, about the gross human rights violations those are being perpetrated on Kashmiris in the Indian Held Kashmir and the pending issue of their right to self-determination.

The two Kashmiri leaders believed that President Trump is sincere in his offer of mediation as he prefers to see safe and secure South Asia and that this is in line with his current policy to establish peace in Korea and Afghanistan.

President Trump’s optimism about Kashmir conflict, which is the longest standing conflict can be resolved was found "very encouraging" by both Kashmiri leaders Barrister Tramboo and Prof Shawl.

Moreover both Kashmiri leaders were of the opinion that peace in Kashmir will compliment peace in Afghanistan. They also added and hoped that the mediation effort will lead to a way forward and that both Pakistan (although the Prime Minister Imran Khan reciprocated at the press briefing) and India will wholeheartedly accept the offer for a pragmatic and vibrant engagement.

It is pertinent to mention that, India Pakistan relations have revolved around this conflict ever since they became independent and this is the root cause of tension in the region and therefore a set back for regional cooperation in South Asia.