MULTAN-Milli Yakjehti Council (MYC) South Punjab warned the government on Monday any move to protect blasphemy culprits or repeal blasphemy law would be strongly resisted and a protest drive would be launched across South Punjab region.

Addressing a news conference here, the MYC South Punjab president Asif Mahmood Ikhwani, secretary general Ayub Moghal, Basharat Qureshi and others said that attempts are being made to bring Junaid Hafeez out of jail but this act would spark public wrath. He said that the statement of American vice president in support of release of Junaid Hafeez is not only interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs but also a deplorable act which hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims. “We strongly condemn this statement and we warn that we’ll not tolerate any move to release him,” they warned.

They said that pro-Qadiani policy of PTI government is highly condemnable. They said that Junaid Hafeez confessed to his crime and the minimum punishment for this offence was death penalty. They declared that the MYC would continue to pursue this case. They said that Aasia was also released with the help of confusing legal system. They said that any attempt to make amendment in 295 C would be thwarted through strong resistance. They declared that they would not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the protection of Namoos-e-Risalat.

They were of the opinion that all those who are trying to get released the culprits of blasphemy are also committing blasphemy. They claimed that the lawyers of Junaid Hafeez are using delaying tactics to prolong the case. They warned the government to refrain from releasing Junaid Hafeez otherwise the situation would go of its control.


The members of Punjab University Alumni Association (PUAA) have elected Syed Zahid Hussain Gardezi as president of PUAA South Punjab chapter here on Monday.

The members elected South Punjab president in a meeting held with the PUAA central president Hafeez Khan in the chair while vice president Raja Munawar and general secretary G.A. Sabri also attended the proceedings.

Speaking on the occasion, Hafeez Khan said that the association would set up a fund for the poor and deserving students besides offering career counselling to the graduates. He added that many important personalities studied at Punjab University and they would be made members in next round.

GA Sabri said that the association would establish its chapters in all four provinces. He added that the former students currently living abroad would also be taken on board.

Addressing the participants, Zahid Gardezi said that a job bank would be set up to get jobs to the unemployed graduates of the PU. He said that international universities promoted literacy and offered support to their alumni members through alumni associations.


The Punjab government has released funds amounting to Rs4million to the Archaeology Department for rehabilitation and conservation of historic tomb of Shah Hussain Saddozai, the founder Saddozai clan in Multan who came in the mid of 17th century.

The two years project to be completed at a cost of Rs7.6 million.

According to officials, tender process has already been completed and execution of the project will be undertaken soon.

Shah Hussain was the grandson of Asadul Ain alias Saddo Khan, the progenitor of Saddozai clan and was the first from Saddozais to have reached and settled in Multan in 1,652 after he left Afghanistan (Qandhar) due to differences with the then rulers.

Shah Hussain Saddozai was given the title of Wafadaar Khan by a Mughal emperor and was allotted ‘Jaageer’ following which Multan became the second home of Saddozais.

The Saddozai rulers like Nawab Shuja Khan and Nawab Muzaffar Khan, and others were the descendants of Shah Hussain Saddozai.