Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan wants warm relations with all of its neighbor. He said the peace in the region is in our interest.

PM Imran Khan while addressing US Institute for Peace said he was from first generation born in colonial India. PM said I realized after my sports career that change can only come through entering politics.

He said politics at that time was going in a direction that was leading Pakistan to nowhere. He said corruption was the main reason why countries could not progress and PTI founded in 1996 with an aim to make justice happen.

He said for 15 years only few people were with me and suddenly people started understanding me. “I was elected to central government after performance in one province during the previous government,” the Prime Minister said.

He said the institutions were not strong in the past that is the main reason behind corruption. Anti corruption departments, justice system and taxation system were not good in past.

Corrupts had destroyed the institution and we are trying to build the institution. He said success has been achieved but the pace is slow.

PM said “we want to have good relations with all of our neighbors because for economic revival we need stability in the region as we had turbulent relations with India.”

Some incident happened as soon as the process of peace started with India that linked to Kashmir dispute. He said we had difficult relations with Afghanistan but we are reaching towards peace.

“We have decent relationship with US whether you like it or not. I have inundated suggestions prior to meeting with Trump but we loved the meeting with President Trump. We will ensure there is no communication gap between US and Pakistan. We have lost 70000 people and a loss of $100 to our economy in the war on terror,” the Prime Minister said.

There was a time when people thought can we survive because no teams were visiting Pakistan, adding that how can investors come in this situation.

“I had long ago said there is no military solution in Afghanistan and I had told this in my past with meetings with towering figures of Democratic Party,” he said.

“All of us are on the same page now that political dialogue is the only solution. If we work together this possible although this is hard to achieve,” he added.

He said two ruling families were in power for 30 years but we mobilized the youth who supported us and we won due to power of the social media.

“We have stablized the economy and reforms are under way .Biggest poverty alleviation campaign has been started despite having economic constraints,” he said.

“We are trying to end three tier education systems making one syllabus for all.We have lowest tax to GDP ratio and tax base is being expanded because half of the tax went into debt servicing,” the Pakistani Prime 

Minister said.