Karachi     -    Prolonged power breakdown continued to trouble Karachiites even in the wee hours as the K-Electric (KE) is carrying out announced and unannounced loadshedding in different parts of the city.

The power utility is carrying out unannounced and prolonged power break down in the wee hours along with announced two and a half hour load-shedding thrice a day. On the one hand localities of New Karachi, Surjani, Lyari, Malir and Liaquatabad are mostly affected but on the other hand, posh areas are exempted from loadshedding.

Hours-long power outrages increased the miseries of Karachiites as they get deprived of water and other necessities owing to load-shedding. The citizens lambasted the lone power utility of the city over its ‘dual’ criteria for less privileged and posh areas. “The KE carries out up to 10-hour load-shedding in our area but on there is no concept of power breakdown in posh areas which is sheer injustice,” Waqas Chand, a resident of New Karachi said.

Waqas said the power utility maintained that consumers paying electricity bill are exempted from load-shedding, asking the reason why their area was not exempted when majority of the area people ‘pay’ bill on regular basis. He was of the view that the defaulters should be taken to task but those who are paying electricity bill regularly should not be targetted under the garb of non-payment or theft.

Separately, a resident of Lyari Haroon Rajput said that the area people are facing power breakdown in the wee hours for last week. “The KE is carrying out unannounced load-shedding in the wee hours for last week but there is no one to mend its way,” he added.

Shakir Hussain who lives in Malir locality said his area is also hit hard by power breakdown, adding that even the KE’s representatives are often found unaware of the fact.

“When we approach the power utility to register our complaint on KE’s help line 118, its representatives don’t bother to lodge our complaint. Most of the times, they were also found unaware of power breakdown carried out without any announcement,” said Hussain.

The KE representatives could not be contacted despite repeated efforts.