The rising film star Asad Jameel is a young talented actor who is making his mark in the entertainment industry with his brilliant acting skills and charm. 

He is the main protagonist in the upcoming Pakistani feature film ‘Chaa Jaa Re’ under the banner of Apple Pie Films Production, which will be releasing soon internationally.

Talking about the film, Asad says: “ Chaa Jaa Re promotes patriotism, kindness, modesty, unity, education, and humility.”

Through this role, he hopes to ignite the fire of patriotism burning in people’s hearts.  

When asked about his acting career, Asad says, “I started my acting career in 2014 by working in few Telefilm projects like Beqarar, Janay KubTak, Gandasa, and few others. I belong to a relatively high class business family of Pakistan, who are also supporting and spreading love for Pakistan.”

About his acting career, Asad says: “When I first joined this field, I suffered a lot of setbacks, and discouragement from haters. Initially disheartened, I decided to prove them wrong by working harder than ever, which is how I ended up settling into this profession, and becoming a successful actor, and landing a lead role in an international Pakistani feature film.”

The rising star Asad Jameel takes his inspiration from the famous Hollywood actor “Tom Cruise”, who has always been his favorite actor.

Following Tom Cruise adventures in Mission Impossible since a young age helped Asad Jameel to pursue his passion for acting.

The spontaneity of Cruise, and his ability to adapt into different characters is what Asad Jameel also hopes to portray in his roles.

He hopes to follow his all appropriate footsteps to become one of the leading actors in the Pakistan film industry.

Speaking about his future projects, Asad revealed, “I hope to play a mentally challenging person in the future. A mentally handicapped person is one of the toughest roles in Television Industry, but I believe such characters have strong impact on the audience in real life. Other than that, I also hope to work one day in Hollywood with Tom Cruise.”