MIRPUR - Azad Jammu & Kash­mir started witnessing a rapid fluctu­ation in outbreak of novel Corona vi­rus after 15 fresh positive cases of the pandemic were registered and hospi­talized in only a couple of the districts during last 24 hours raising tally to 1937 late Tuesday night as compared to only 07 cases registered positive only a day before on Monday, accord­ing to AJK Health Authorities.

A the same time, 1275 patients out of to­tal of 1937 tested positive in Azad Jammu Kashmir, have been discharged after com­plete recovery from various health facili­ties across the state so far, the state health authorities told media Tuesday night.

The State Health Services authorities confirmed the registration of 15 new cases in AJK – which include 14 in the State’s capital Muzaffarabad and only one in Rawalakot district. The pan­demic has so far claimed a total of 47 persons died of the pandemic across AJK include 17 in Muzaffarabad, 05 in Poonch district, 05 in Mirpur, 07 in Bhimbher 06 in Bagh and 05 in Kotli, 02 in Neelam valley district.

Among a total of 637 patients tested positive, 544 housed in various home isolation outside their respective dis­tricts and rest of 71 patients admitted in various govt hospital of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.