LAHORE - CTO Lahore Syed Hammad Abid visited the cattle markets to review the traffic arrangements and traffic flow in different sectors.

CTO Lahore inspected the traffic sector New Airport, Old Airport, Gulberg, Township.

He commended DSP Khalid Mehmood including the Sector Incharge along with the wardens for their excellent duty in the Shahpur Kanjran cattle market.  He said that all patrolling officers should ensure the use of public address systems to educate about wrong parking, encroachments and in case of traffic jams, the concerned sector in-charge will be responsible.

The corona awareness pamphlets are also being distributed to the citizens coming to the markets.

He further said that full action should be taken against those without number plates, tempered number plates and citizens should be educated for minor violations of traffic rules. CTO Lahore Syed Hammad Abid said that for the convenience of the citizens a comprehensive traffic plan has been drawn up. Cattle markets have been set up at 12 different places around the city, 40 inspectors and 326 wardens have been deployed under the supervision of divisional officers, while 07 folk lifters have been deployed to curb wrong parking and encroachments.

Twice as many additional personnel have been deployed this year as compared to last year.

Syed Hamad Abid inspected Shahpur Kanjran Mandi to review the flow of traffic and arrangements.

He said that no animal or vehicle would be allowed to park on the main road and citizens would have no problem in accessing cattle markets.

Assistance and guidance of citizens will be fully ensured. Regarding cattle markets, CTO Lahore directed the wardens to keep a close watch on peddlers, suspicious persons and unclaimed items.