ISLAMABAD - The Directorate General Audit on Wednesday sent a long question­naire to the ministry of Nation­al Health Services (NHS) seek­ing its performance report during COVID-19 situation.

As per the official document avail­able with The Nation, the govern­ment’s department Directorate Gen­eral Audit has sent 32 questions to the ministry of NHS and sought de­tails about its response during COV­ID-19.

“This is with reference to our pre­vious requisition slips No.1 to 4, some documents provided by the Ministry and meetings held with concerned. Last meeting has been on 15.06.2020,” said the letter.

The questioner sent by the Direc­torate General Audit asked to pro­vide the details of the May 2016 Mission Report of Joint External Evaluation of International Health Regulations (IHR), covering 19 tech­nical areas required to prevent the health threats.

It also asked the ministry to pro­vide a list out tasks performed by National Health Emergency Prepar­edness and Response Network be­fore and during COVID-19 and spe­cific tasks performed by Directorate of Central Health Establishment with reference to COVID-19.

The audit department also asked the ministry to provide a total num­ber of screening forms printed pro­vided, number of forms filled in and list of isolation centers if estab­lished.

The audit office asked “The minis­try was aware of the COVID-19 after its outbreak in China, what specific measures were taken to arrest the im­port of COVID-19 through travellers”.

It has specifically asked how many cases are related to import of COV­ID-19 When point of entries and airports have been closed and now opened and does ministry consider that COVID-19imported cases con­tributed in transmission into local population?

The audit raised the question that the ministry provided funds for COV­ID-19 regarding Risk Allowances for hospitals and EPI provided funds from the World Bank Funded pro­ject for COVID-19 procurement but no funds have been provided by the ministry for COVID-19 to any entity.

It further asked about the number of laboratories for COVID-19 testing and about lab tests fees also. It also asked to provide details of registra­tion of COVID-19 testing kits with DRAP, suspension of immunization campaigns and closure of OPDs in the hospitals working under the ministry.

The Audit office also asked to pro­vide details of available beds for the COVID-19 patients in federal capital and patients contained at Haji Camp and Pak-China Center Isolation and Quarantine Center.

The directorate of audit asked the ministry to provide detail reply on its role on provision of Person­al Protection Equipment (PPEs) to provinces, distribution of PPEs and number of ventilators available with government hospitals and number lists of healthcare workers working in public and private sector before COVID-19and till 30.06.2020

The audit office has also sought reply on compliance regarding spe­cific SDG relating to the health sec­tor, items received for COVID-19, list of advisors/consultants working HSPIU, the performance assessment reports regarding COVID-19, list of Pakistani made items and imported equipment related to COVID-19.

It has also asked the ministry to provide forecasting and actual cas­es of COVID-19 and future forecast­ing for next six months beyond June, 2020.

It has also asked hospital wise in­cluding number of COVID-19 posi­tive patients treated in ICT and num­ber of tests conducted in ICT by the government and private labs.