Media plays an important part in the coverage of the coronavirus. The media reports on it positively reporting by providing information through talk shows, public service messages, etc. Through live special transmissions on the coronavirus, senior doctors provide information about the virus and request to people to take precautionary measures to save themselves from the virus. Every day, the news talks about the virus and creates awareness. Social media, electronic media and print media have played their own part. News personalities, celebrities, cricketers and the common man are given information through public service messages and further spread this awareness. No fake news is conveyed by the media, nor is any sensationalism involved. Proper coverage on the virus is a good way that people know about the true facts and figures.

The government and the armed forces also play a very important role. People should take precautionary measures and not be careless because this virus is very dangerous. The government should be on one page and fight the virus. We cannot beat it alone. Everyone should stay in their homes and not go anywhere outside. We all should play our part to beat the virus.