ISLAMABAD-The religious seminaries and the mosques around Islamabad are permanently following the SOPs, as a visible drop in cases of COVID-19 was witnessed in the city. According to the members of the local mosque committees formed by the district administration, the mosques proved to be the safest spots during lockdown because the SOPs were followed constantly from the very start of the outbreak. 

While talking to The Nation, Mufti Khalid, a Muhtamim of a Madarassa in Islamabad said that the mosques proved to be the safest spots amid the outbreak and it was all made possible due to the affective role of local committees. 

He stated that the religious segment of the country played their positive role in keeping the masses aware of the consequences of violation of SOPs, adding that they were still committed to fulfill their national and religious duties in creating awareness among the masses. It must be noted that in the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, mosques and religious gatherings were predicted to be the hotspots of coronavirus but due to sensible attitude of religious scholars, the predictions were proved wrong.

Meanwhile, Maulana Abdul Qudous, chief of a religious seminary in Islamabad said that they held Wifaq ul Madarris exams across the country by adopting all the fixed SOPs. He stated that the government itself admired the arrangements of the madrassahs for the annual exams, adding that they were all set to start the new educational year after the Eid ul Azha and arrangements for the precautionary measures during the classes were almost done. 

He concluded that the district administration should trust them and they will ensure the adoption of SOPs at any cost.