ISLAMABAD - The federal government is not providing gas to 120 MW gas pow­er generation plant in Balochsi­tan which has resulted in severe load-shedding in QESCO area.

CEO Quetta Electric Supply Com­pany (QESCO) in his presentation in the NEPRA hearing here on Wednesday said the load-shed­ding situation had worsened due to closure of 120 MW gas powered Habibullah Coastal power plant.

NEPRA has conducted public hearing via video link in the mat­ter of unscheduled load-shedding and over billing by QESCO, PESCO, TESCO.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) QESCO informed the regula­tor that the agreement for the gas supply to Habibullah Coastal Power plant has expired and the new agreement has not yet been signed. The non provision of gas to the power plant has further dete­riorated the load-shedding situa­tion in the province, he said.

The CPPA officials also endorsed the CEO QESCO claim and said that gas is not being provided to the power plant.

Vice Chairman NEPRA, Saifullah Chattha said that gas is being pro­vided to the entire country from Balochistan and it is not fair that 120 MW power plant in the prov­ince is not receiving gas. NEPRA will take up the matter of non-pro­vision of gas with the federal gov­ernment, he said.

Chairman NEPRA, Tauseef H. Fa­rooqi asked that why the problem of gas supply to Habibullah coastal power plant is not being resolved? Official of the National Power Con­trol Centre said that they have raised the issue with Petroleum division.

CEO QESCO, however said that there is no complaint of overbill­ing in the Qesco region. The CEO said that consumers are facing the problem of low voltage.

In its hearing on overbilling and excessive load-shedding in PE­SCO areas, the regulator was in­formed by Chief Executive Officer PESCO that the feeders are over­loaded and they are facing short­age of staff. He acknowledged that besides scheduled load-shedding they are also doing un scheduled load-shedding.

Deputy Chairman NEPRA said that high losses on feeders are due to the inefficiencies of the Discos staff. He said that Discos has to im­prove their performance.

Member NEPRA Sindh, Rafiq Ah­mad Shaikh said that it is crimi­nal to close down a feeder due to high losses. Official from TESCO informed that the federal govern­ment has withdrawn all the subsi­dies. Out of 24 hours electricity is being provided to the TESCO con­sumers for only 6 hours, the offi­cial added. Vice Chairman NEPRA asked that it means that load-shed­ding in Tribal Area has increased from 18 to 20 hours? ”Yes it is right,” TESCO official replied.

Member NEPRA Sindh, Rafiq Ah­mad Shaikh said that the authority will recommend the federal gov­ernment for the appointment of full time CEOs in Discos.