What was the rationale of this thoughtless act of raising the issue of lack of authenticity of CAA Licenses and irregularities in the conduct of examinations conducted by them for CPL or ATPL? Other than diverting attention from the crash, or some other objective, there seems to be no sane reason for creating a mess which has inflicted irreparable damage to Pakistan’s commercial aviation industry.

For any irregularities in-licenses issued by CAA Pakistan, it is authorized to take whatever remedial measures that may be needed; there is no need for any operator such as PIA. An operator like PIA can only be responsible for irregularities in recruitment such as the ones committed in 1995 and for which an investigation was conducted by AM Mushaf Ali Mir. Other examples are fake degree holders recruited from 2008-2015 or any CEO appointed with a criminal record.

The EASA Executive Director states in his letter dated 30/08/2020 on the subject of “Suspension of Third Country Operator Authorization” based on an announcement by Aviation Minister that 260 out of 860 pilots’ licenses are “fraudulent”. This gives way to rumours about this being a part of a scheme to replace PIA with another airline, for which permission has already been given, or a smokescreen for dubious deals on PIA’s expensive hotels.