While addressing the National Assembly on June 30, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the current decline of the PIA is due to the fact that ten of its Chief Executives have been changed by previous governments in the last eleven years. Explaining further, he stated that even a cricket team would suffer tremendously when there would be a change of ten Captains in eleven years. I completely agree with this statement by the Prime Minister.

But how can our Prime Minister justify his position when he has replaced four Chief Secretaries in Punjab and an equal number of heads in the Federal Board of Revenue in just two years? I think he must be employing his own strange logic in defending this positionality. If it was wrong for the previous governments to frequently change the heads of PIA, then it is equally wrong for PTI’s government to frequently change the Chief Secretary of Punjab and the Chairman of the FBR.

Improvement in the functioning of a province/department/organization would come only when its heads would be given sufficient time to translate their vision into performance. Frequent removal of heads from important departments would result in nothing but the deterioration in the working of these organisations, no matter how competent a succeeding head is. Each head of the organization brings with them their own vision and work ethic.

The real problem for the rest of the team of the organization begins with doing away with the work done by their previous head and starting afresh as per the vision of the new incumbent. Thus, at the end of the day, it is the department which suffers.