RAWALPINDI - A protest demonstration was organised by Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) against the government for failing to reinstate deposed judges of the superior courts and control inflation here at Fawara Chowk on Sunday. The protest was led by Amir JI Punjab chapter Liaquat Baloch. Besides, JI activists, the protest demonstration was also attended by the representatives of civil society, traders and common citizens. The protestors marched from Darul Aloom Taleem-ul-Quran and staged a demonstration at Fawara Chowk. On this occasion, the protestors chanted anti-government slogans and demanded of the government to take immediate steps for arresting skyrocketing price hike, which has broken backbone of the common man. Speaking on the occasion, Amir JI Punjab Liaquat Baloch said that though the masses gave a heavy mandate to PPP and PML-N on 18 Feb but both partners in the coalition government failed to provide relief to countrymen. He said that the government was following the footsteps of former PML-Q government, which had plunged the country in endless crises. Baloch said that Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf in collaboration with Shaukat Aziz had destroyed the country economically and as result the country was facing power shortage as well as price hike. He said that the present leadership was not free in policy-making as America is shaping our policies. He said that the government should take some concrete measures by cutting its lavish expenditures aimed to provide relief to masses by brining down prices of the basic commodities. Liaquat Baloch was of view that PML-N got people mandate in the name of restoration of deposed judges and its Quaid Nawaz Sharif was also critical of the PCO judges in the past. "But, now he (Nawaz Sharif) has agreed with PPP Co-Chairmen Asif Ali Zadari to increase the number of judges of the Supreme Court as salaries were allocated for 29 judges in the finance bill," he added. "This is against the promise, Nawaz had made with the people during electioneering," he maintained. He said that PPP should reinstate the deposed judges immediately, as free and independent judiciary was important for the stability of Pakistan. On this occasion, JI others prominent leaders also spoke and condemned the government's policies for failing to control inflation.