Our television channels are probably unwittingly helping the terrorists achieve their mission. The purpose of the terrorists is not as much to kill - unless, of course, it be a target killing he is after as in the case of Maulana Sarfaraz Naeemi - as it is to terrify the general public and create in them feelings of doubt and despondency about their security. These negative feelings break the public resolve to fight back. This purpose is best served by staging a 'live' incident that is shown on TV in all its gory details again and again for a long time, sometimes for hours on end. Our numerous cable channels, Geo, ARY, Aaj, Express, Waqt, Dunya, Sama etc compete fiercely with each other in producing and showing everything happening during a terrorist incident down to the last deathly detail. People running helter-skelter, ambulances screeching in and out of the spot and hospitals, people being carried away on stretchers, relatives of dead and injured crying in live interviews, police officials admitting their helplessness, the whole drama is relayed to the people with full demoralizing effect. That only helps the terrorists. -A. CITIZEN, Lahore, via e-mail, June 15.