RAWALPINDI - A Division Bench of Lahore High Court (LHC) Rawalpindi Monday rejected the bail plea of an accused arrested for killing a police inspector and accepted the bail submission of two other accused in the same case. The DB comprising Justice Tariq Shahmim and Justice Malik Saeed Ejaz rejected bail to Hammad Abbasi, resident of Murree for allegedly killing a police inspector Raja Saqlain in 2004 in the area of R.A Bazaar Police. Deputy Prosecutor General Raja Javaid Ashraf, while opposing the bail plea, said the accused was involved in murder of a competent police inspector who had arrested many terrorists and solved high profile cases. In response to the argument of petitioner that he had been behind the bars for the last four years with out initiation of the trial, the prosecutor said that a co-accused Rizwan was in Lahore Jail facing terrorism cases there and his unavailability was causing delay. The government lawyer said under terror laws the accused could not be transported into Rawalpindi as long as the trial against him was not completed in Lahore. Hammad Abbasi through his lawyer Advocate Malik Rafiq had maintained that he was arrested on March 21 2005 in connection with the killing of police officer who along with his driver was shot dead outside his residence on July 10, 2004. Since his arrest, the trial against him had not been initiated and the trial court had denied him bail, he maintained. Separately the court granted bail to Muhammad Imran and Awais Ali two other accused in the same case against the surety bonds worth each Rs 100,000. The two had been attributed to providing the weapons to assassins Hamad Abbasi and Arshad Satti.