THANKS to the wonderful performance of our cricket team in ICC Twenty20 series, Pakistan is now champion of the world. The final was nothing less than a nailbiter where the two teams, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, fought to the very last to win the Cup but the superior quality of the game by the latter made all the difference. This time around, the Pakistani team showed exceptional performance in all departments: batting, bowling and fielding, apart from a great deal of mental toughness throughout the tournament. Credit also goes to skipper Younus Khan for displaying the right kind of attitude, zealously motivating his players to give their best. Given the bowling unit of Sri Lanka, that is considered the best in the world, chasing a target of 138 in the final was no ordinary achievement, yet the Pakistani openers came and scored 56 runs before being dismissed. Despite that, the Lankan bowlers were not able to do much damage except for witnessing Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Malik snatch the Cup out of their hands. Afridi carried the day as he scored a stunning 54 off 40 balls, hitting a crucial six and a four in the last but one over of the match that made victory within reach. The Pakistani bowlers, specially Umer Gul, Shahid Afridi and Muhammad Amir, all deserve a pat on the back for handsomely displaying their bowling skills. Players like Tillekaratne Dilshan who was awarded for being the best player of the tournament were found wanting in preventing Pakistan from winning the final. To all intents and purposes, Pakistani cricket was going through a very turbulent phase. Due to security reasons, international teams were not willing to come and the country was stripped of the right to hold tournaments like the Champions Trophy. So much so, that Pakistani players were deprived from taking part in the IPL held in India recently. Not being able to play with international teams, our team lost both its confidence and standard. Winning the World Cup in these circumstances, therefore, would appear to be a bigger feat than the victory in 1992 when the team under the captaincy of Imran Khan was comparatively stronger. Yet it would be safe to assume that the miraculous comeback they have staged has resurrected cricket in Pakistan. Captain Younus Khan's wish that the country should get home series will hopefully become a reality as teams would be naturally interested in touring Pakistan. Meanwhile, the general wave of jubilation will have a pleasant influence on the psyche of the nation that has been suffering a lot on account of terrorism. Moreover, this would send a positive message the world over that there was much more to the country than bombers and extremists.