LAHORE - The reporters of the print as well as electronic media on Monday held a protest demonstration against the misbehaviour and the ban on their entry by the management and MD of the Lahore Stock Exchange in the premises outside the LSE building. Dozens of the journalists belonging to almost all Urdu as well as English newspapers and the several news channels boycotted the functions held in the stock exchange premises to register a strong protest against the misconduct of the newly-elected Managing Director of the Lahore Stock Market Mian Shakeel Ahmed with the journalists community. The journalists shouted slogans against the managing director who from the day one has imposed ban on the entry of all journalists in the stock exchange building. The journalists said that whenever they tried to attend any function or ceremony in the LSE they were always refused their entry without any solid reason. They complained that the policies of the new managing director are not only unethical but also unlawful. The reporters said that they have been refrained from entering the LSE since the election of the new managing director so they have decided to stay away from each and every function to be held in the Lahore Stock Exchange building, they added. To register their protest against the frequent misconduct of the managing director the journalists did not attend the MoU signing ceremony held between the Lahore Stock Exchange and the National Institutional Facilitation Services on Monday. The journalists also complained that the Mian Shakeel never bothered to respond whenever he was approached even on phone.