LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Monday asked the local police to identify the law under which they have erected wall at the entry gate of Race Course Park facing GOR-I. Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed further asked the AIG Legal, present in the court, whether they also erected walls at the entrance of chief minister, governor and prime minister houses. The judge negated the plea of AIG that the step was taken for the security of GOR-I residents where judges of superior courts also reside. Justice Azmat asked the police officer that he was taking a wrong plea that the judges residing in GOR-I had any security concern. If judges have had any security risk, I could not have sat in my courtroom freely, Justice Azmat remarked. If government officers residing in GOR-I had life threats they should have abandoned their offices, the judge further remarked. The judge angrily asked the police officer whether the residents of GOR-I were the only citizens of this country. Who will protect the lives of common citizens living outside the GOR, the judge asked? The nation will have to suffer for years the prevailing situation in the country but it does not allow the authorities to erect barricades on roads and streets for the security of government officers, Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed observed. DSP Legal and DG PHA were also present in the court who were directed to file a detailed reply on Monday to justify their acts. Justice Azmat was hearing a petition filed by a local lawyer challenging the closure of Race Course Gate No 3 on the directions of IGP Punjab due to security reasons. Petitioner Shafqat Chohan said providing security to the citizen was responsibility of the state instead of creating hurdles by blocking roads for the security of high profile officers. He said the barricades erected in GOR-I had affected more than 5,000 daily visitors of Race Course Park which was violation of basic human rights. He prayed to the court to issue directions to the PHA authorities to restore entry of visitors in the park by the removing barricades.