LAHORE - Expect two entry and exit points, the entire GOR-I has been turned into a prohibitive area not only for the common man but also for the poor residents living in the locality either in private colonies or servant quarters over the last many years. The people feel themselves as alien or untouchable caste after their entry has been denied in the land of 'Baboos. Clashes between people and policemen at different barricades that block the right of the way for the people is becoming common. The GOR-I, housing CM secretariat and other residents of top government officers, also has a Jamia mosque, utility store, dispensary and school that have been made inaccessible area for the people. According to a survey conducted by The Nation, a large number of people were barred to offer Friday prayers in the Jamia mosque. The prayer leader strongly criticised the government move to restrict the entry of people wanted to offer Jumma prayer. Khalid Saleem, a regular prayer of the mosque, called the ban under the pretext of security reason as a brutal act to usurp the fundamental right of the Muslims. He said this was the lone Jamia mosque in the GOR-I, earlier being visited by score of the people daily. After the new restrictions, people have been deprived of their right of offering prayer in the state that was obtained in the name of Islam. People also used to visit for their cheap medical treatment in a dispensary located in the GOR-I. Now poor patients cannot go to the dispensary as it falls into the no go area. A number of persons talking to scribe cursed the government, saying dispensary run by the trust had been providing inexpensive medical facilities to poor. Now we have been disallowed to visit the dispensary, There is also a utility store in GOR-I. Maximum number of poor residents of the locality used to visit utility store to buy daily kitchen items on affordable prices. Following the ban on peoples entry in utility store, common men have been facing great hardships. Anila Jamil, living the servant quarter, said that PML-N government came with the slogan to provide relief to the poor. But what to talk about to ensure the provision of comfort to people, government is pursuing the policy of withdrawing the present facilities, she added. Another disgruntled inhabitant of the area said that he had been working as gardener of the APWA Girls High School located in GOR-I. He said that policemen standing on barricades restricted him daily and after detailed explanation including showing the school card, they allow him to enter the besieged area. Condemning the closure of Gate No 3 of Race Course Park that provide entry and exit to residents of GOR-I, he said that being diabetic patient, he used to visit Race Course Park in morning using this gate. Since the day the gate was closed down, he had to discontinue his practice.