ISLAMABAD-Capital police have recovered a person kept in chains by his employer for several days and also rescued a woman and her 4-year old daughter kept in illegal custody by a man in Pakistan Town. A police spokesman Monday said that Koral Police Station received information that a woman and her four-year old daughter have been kept in habeas corpus in their jurisdiction. SP (Rural) Tahir Ayub Khan constituted a team comprising DSP Jameel Hashmi, Sub-Inspector Shaukat Ali and other police officials for their safe recovery. Police team raided a house in Pakistan Town and recovered the detained lady and her daughter. Naeem Qureshis wife resident of House no. DK-484 Dhok Paracha Rawalpindi, told Koral police that she was looking for a rented house and contacted Iftikhar Sultan Dogar, the owner of a construction company in this regard. Iftikhar Dogar himself came to her house and took them at a flat in Pakistan Town on the pretext to show her rented house. He snatched her mobile and locked her along with four-year old daughter there and asked a watchman Muhammad Aslam to monitor their activities, she said. Police succeeded in recovering the detained woman, her daughter and also arrested the watchman. Raids are being conducted for the arrest of Iftikhar Dogar. Likewise, Sabzi Mandi Police on a tip-off that a 20-year old young man was kept in sector I-10/1 Bewal Plaza after being chained recovered the detained young man. The detained person Bilal told that he was employed by one Sajjad Hussain Sial but he did not give him any salary since January. When he demanded salary, Sajjad Hussain alleged him for borrowing Rs 30,000 and chained him in the room number 4 at Bewal Plaza, Bismillah Market. He also alleged that Sajjad and his accomplice have been torturing him while one of the accomplices of Sajjad has been molesting him. Police recovered the young man and also arrested Sajjad Hussain, Asad Abbass and Amjad. Cases have been registered against the accused.