KARACHI - Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) has planned to launch a movement for the basic rights of teachers of Sindh colleges after summer vacations in August. The negative response from the Sindh Education Department may turn the movement into a massive protest against the provincial governments educational policies. Talking to The Nation here on Monday, SPLA central leader Prof Ather Hussain Mirza said that SPLA would raise the new academic issue of over crowding in the classrooms and convince the government to restrict the college administration to allow only 80 students in a class. He praised the decision of Balochistan government for implementing the rule of 'time scale promotion in the province for college teachers. He expressed grave concern over the attitude of the education department of Sindh in terms of not providing basic facilities to the college teachers, who are suffering with low salaries and low job security, despite the important role of the teachers in making progress of any society. On the other hand, Punjab government, in recent budget, has formed a committee to organise recommendations for promotion of college teachers, he said, adding that Punjab government has also increased 'principal charge allowance that would be distributed under three categories which would be based on localities. Mirza said, The first category is Rs4,000, second Rs5,000 and third is Rs6,000. But regrettably, the Sindh Education Department is giving only Rs600 on account of principal charge allowance. The department is apathetic towards the legitimate rights of the teachers. The promotions should be given as per the timescale in Sindh, while the present method of promotions is put under condition with the availability of posts. He said that college teachers should be up-graded as per the announcement of former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, as Higher Education Commission had already up-graded university teachers in the country. Sindh government should enhance 100 per cent pay scale, while teachers working on ad-hoc basis should be regularised immediately. There is dire need to overcome the shortage of teachers in the government colleges. Teachers are waiting for their due promotions since many years, but the department is indifferent towards their genuine rights.