RAWALPINDI - A large number of stray dogs, cats and rats in different localities of the city has not only created immense peril to the health of citizens but also put a question mark on the performance and tall claims of civic agencies. The district administration has nothing to do with the increasing numbers of animals wandering off round-the-clock especially at night in the streets of Rawalpindi. These ownerless animals are found in such a large quantity that the people are worried about the situation because of these creatures their protection is totally at stalk. The stray dogs, cats and rats mainly get their foods from the heaps of garbage extending in whole city but they can be seen anywhere in the town particularly outside the hotels and butchers shops from there they find enough food to live. Sometimes you can see cats and even mouse in the small restaurants of the city while enjoying meal with your friends. The bite of these animals can cause very deadly diseases like plaque, rabies and asthma. Many people passed away due to these animals bite in the past also but neither any functionary of the district and town governments nor two Cantonment Boards in the city paid any heed towards this important issue to ensure the safety of people as well as their health. As on the other day at least 15 people, including children, sustained multiple injuries, when a stray dog turned mad and he bite citizens in Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) administrated area of Tanch Bhata. The mad dog also snatched a 3-year-old child from his mothers lap, which resulted in several severe injuries to the child. Small children and senior citizens have direct exposure to the danger of these mammals. People cannot move in the night freely due to fear as the bunch of two or three stray animals could be seen at every corner of each street. People even cannot go to offer their prayers to the mosques at night and dawn. In the past, civil departments had one or two firing squads to kill these cats, rats and dogs. The squad used to visit every locality of the city according to a schedule and shot all the stray dogs after searching them in the area. Afterward the sanitation staff, with a truck lifted the bodies of animals to be buried outside the city. But with the passage of time this practice has been came to an end due to financial problems and lack of staff in the civic bodies. It would be appropriate to mention here that Town Municipal Administrations of Rawal and Potohar Towns earmark the ample funds every year to eradicate these dogs, cats and mouse but as the quantity of these living beings are on permanent rise, so one could guess easily that the fund is not utilized for the purpose, for which it had been allocated. The garbage heaps spread around the city is the main source where these animals can survive. The stray dogs, rodents and cats have become very healthy by getting plenty of foods from these trash piles. Another problem, which is due to excess of these waste swells is the glut of birds like crows and vultures which can cause fatal accident for the aircrafts too. It is the need of time that city government should take immediate steps to get rid of the dilemma of these drifting animals which have become a potential security threat for the health and security of the citizens of the city.