ISLAMABAD-Lack of will in bureaucracy and the procedural delays have marred the introduction of new service structure for teaching staff in the Federal Capital, an initiative (taken by the teaching community) to restore teachers morale and self-esteem. There has been no specific policy with regard to promotion of teachers at 435 schools of the Capital while all the provincial governments have announced special packages for the teaching community. In Punjab, new service structure for schoolteachers was introduced in September 2007 while NWFP government upgraded their teaching posts in October in the same year while Balochistan and AJK governments elevated the status of schoolteachers in 2008. In Pakistan Metric Trained Teacher (MTT) are kept in BPS-09 and Trained Undergraduate Teacher (TUGT) are given BPS-14. The emoluments of the primary teacher hardly offers a worthwhile incentive for performing at the optimum level, lamented a teacher. The introduction of new service structure for teaching staff in educational institution situated in the capital was approved on August 21, 2007 by the government. According to the proposal the minimum qualification of primary teachers will be B.A/B.Sc. with preference for B.Ed. They may be placed in BS-16 and re-designated as Junior Lady Teachers. Similarly, minimum qualification for teachers at secondary level was decided to be M.A/M.Sc. They may be redesignated as Lecturers and placed in BS-17. Earlier, the case for the up-gradation of the posts of teaching staff was referred to the Finance Division for their concurrence but the Finance Division referred it to the Establishment Division. Education Ministry had proposed the implementation of the new service structure for the teachers from July 1 but due to the delaying tactics by the officials of the ministries the decision was not implemented. As the teaching posts in ICT institutions are in low grades, the candidates from Sindh, Balochistan and even from NWFP do not find any attraction in these posts due to which provincial quota posts of these provinces mostly remain vacant for years.