LAHORE - The victory of Pakistan cricket team has come as freshening air in the present atmosphere of tension and suffocation wreaked by a long wave of bomb blasts and the unabated fight against terrorist activities in the Northern parts of country. Everywhere throughout the country, people of all ages frankly and openly took part in the victory jubilations to vent the fear and anguish which over the last many months had been keeping them despondent, underdog and worried about the future of Pakistan after different reports about it that had flashed the banner lines of the foreign media. In particular, it was very concerning for the common man when others point their finger at Pakistan for every bad act in the world, and infer about the future of this country, his first and last abode. He believes that the war on terror, which initially was kicked off by America at the head of Pakistan as front line ally, has now been thrust upon this ally who has now been left to pay its price. He strongly feels that Pakistan played cricket with its friends, but they are not playing cricket with it in the present situation when it was stuck up with varied problems. The good news provided by the national cricket team after 17 years when it had lifted the World Cup in 1992, is a collective message to the world that Pakistanis want to live and have spirit and potential of a national life. Cricket is a craze in Pakistan but over the past years, this nation was facing very depressing moment when every country refused to visit Pakistan and play the game. The February last terrorist incident on Sri Lankan team in Lahore proved a last nail in that coffin which even took away from Pakistan the host-ship of World Cup taking place in September next. India, which never misses opportunity to let down Pakistan in any area and had already cancelled its scheduled visit to Pakistan at the eleventh hour on account of law and order situation, found extra doze from Lahore incident to exploit the situation to its fullest against Pakistan. It not only magnified out of proportion the security situation in Pakistan but also put up a strong lobby against making this country a cricket venue, it which it has so far, been successful. The team and the nation were living in a very low profile and the grand success has suddenly galvanized it in addition to infusing a new spirit in it and boosting up its much needed morale. The euphoria of victory still hangs over not only in Pakistan but everywhere Pakistanis live as they both felt equally under pressure on account of what is being meted out to their country. What the team gave and how the nation received it is a gesture and message to everyone however short of solution to the problem facing the country at present. At the political level, talk of unity of the nation to meet the present day serious challenges is loudly orchestrated but seldom anything comes from the leadership to make it a reality leveling a common ground of every class of society for this purpose. As the whole nation stood up to praise the cricket team for it did what every Pakistani wanted. But the question to ponder is, whether our leadership is also doing what the whole nation wants in the great game being played against Pakistan, for the sake of national unity? Again the win is another message to those who intentionally or unintentionally are going to the extreme step of killing others and themselves in the name of Islam. Our agencies are doing best to reach out to those actually pulling their string but for the suicider bombers, the message is, that victory does not lie in laying down the life but accepting and winning the challenges which the world has thrown to everyone. Cricket is not our creation, but of others but we learnt this art and defeated the pioneer of the same. If we have to come up triumphant we need to beat the world in the field of technology, learning and skills, which are the real challenges, then would be heard and be counted. For the race is on to excel in this area and not in giving lives. Our nation has proved it was ready to accept the challenges but point is, when our rulers would get up to train and provide for them to excel in the areas where the world is in a race?